Institute of Quality Education

The Institute of Quality Education (IQE) aspires to help change the mindset of all players of the education system of India; namely teachers, school administrators, parents and students. With this goal in mind, IQE aims to conduct several workshops, seminars, courses, and programs to address different areas of development for each of these players.

We have now embarked on a major initiative to ensure that the quality of education in India, especially Gujarat is able to scale up to much higher levels. Our dream is to change the way education is perceived and imparted by teachers and parents to students. The “Institute of Quality Education” – (IQE) is conceived with this in mind.


Our vision is for an inclusive, empowered, happy, stress free and enlightened world, in which all live in harmony with values, integrity and civic sense believing in freedom of expression and respect for all.


Our mission is to create greatest impact on students, teachers, parents and educationists for holistic education and value-based society.


Train teachers to impart quality education to students as well as parents;

Initiate meaningful conversations around quality education and invest all stakeholders in identifying and delivering such education (including skill development)

Conduct and publish research that helps to fuel these conversations as well as influence education policies;

Change social trends and mindsets in order to make way for a free-thinking and forward-looking education ecosystem.

Our Motto:

“Sadvichaaram Anvikshamahe – We are in search of good thoughts”


From Pre-Primary to Post-Graduate level.