Academy of Sports

It is rightly quoted that - "Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules; it teaches you to know how it feels like to win and loose; it teaches you life and it teaches you teamwork."

Anyone who is associated with Sports can relate well with this quote. Institute of Quality Education (IQE) strongly believes that Sports should be woven as an integral part of our life and it holds an equally significant place as a recreational activity. IQE is well-versed with the fact that Sports is essential not only for recreation but also for physical fitness. This is how IQE justifies the existence of its very efficient Academy of Sports.

Training of sports like Badminton, Table tennis, Skating, Carrom and Aerobics are imparted at IQE by respective sports coaches. For the sake of imparting such training in the most effective manner, the Academy is well-equipped with huge badminton court, skating rim, aerobic room and an exclusive area for table tennis.

Martial art’s training especially for girls and women is a big asset in today’s environment.

The Academy of Sports is for all; be it kids, youngsters or senior citizens. The only condition they need to fulfil is to have an inclination towards Sports and Games. It is highly useful for sustaining physical health and energy.