Other Courses

IQE offers some distinctive courses also in addition to regular ones. Such courses include:

1. Various Courses on Parenting

2. Various Courses for Teachers

3. Exercises during pregnancy for to-be mothers (by Dr. Prachiben Chokshi)

4. 8-months program for pregnant women based on the catchphrase “Healthy mother, healthy child”. (by Dr. Amiben Mehta & Dr. Manishaben Moteria)

5. Seminar on adolescence and youth (by Dr. Amiben Mehta & Dr. Manishaben Moteria)

6. Seminar on Planned Parenthood. (by Dr. Amiben Mehta & Dr. Manishaben Moteria)

7. Seminar on Child Abuse & Responsibilities of Parents (by Dr. Nimaben Sitapara)

8. Environment Awareness workshop for students (by Shri. V. D. Bala, Forest Officer)

Above all, there is an auditorium (Prof. Jyotsnaben D. Joshi Auditorium) for conducting various educational seminars. It is equipped with modern audio-visual tools and devices with live internet connectivity.