Computer Centre

Rotary Club of Rajkot Greater Computer Centre, Educational Video Library and Resource Centre

In today’s tech-savvy world, it becomes a thing of utmost priority to remain updated and walk along with rest of the world. What could be a better resource other than become skilled at using a Computer! It has become a prerequisite to learn Computer; be it a school or a working place. This need has sought the attention of the Institute of Quality Education (IQE) and the institute is striving to impart Computer training with the help of the very prominent Rotary Club of Rajkot Greater R.I. District 3060, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and Rotary club of Bergen Highlands Ramsey R.I. District 7490. 

The centre has a Computer Lab that is well-equipped with large no. of computers and other modern technological devices. The enrolment is open for kids, school & college students, house wives,working women,professionals, business & industry persons and senior citizens. The activities/courses are conducted by course-specific expert faculties at IQE. The course tenure ranges from short-term courses to long-term courses. There are many on-line courses offered too. Some of the courses are as under.

1. Play & Learn (KIDS Course):- Animals , Colors, Shapes, Cartoons, Stories , Paint Brush, Numbers, Sums

2. Level-1 Educational Games For Kids, (Age 5 - 7): ABC, 123 Magnets, Key Board Zoo, Alphabet Matching, Spellings

3. Level-2 Educational Stories, Events, E-Cards (Age 7 - 9) Classic Stories, Moral Stories, Special Days, Greetings

4. Level-3 Language Books, Brain Teasers, and Projects (For Children above 10 Yrs.)

5. Windows Basic Operation:- Computer Fundamental , Typing Tutor, Notepad , Paint Brush, Word Pad

6. Windows Basic Operation and Internet: - Typing Tutor, Win OS, Word Pad, Introduction to Internet

7. Windows OS & Basic Computer Skills:- Windows OS , Paint Brush, Basic of M.S. Office Word, Excel, Power point

8. Certificate Course in PC Application: - content of 2 and 3 above and Basic of M.S. Access, Intro. to Internet, Email, Browsing

9. Certificate Course in “Introduction to PageMaker”

10. Certificate Course in “Introduction to CorelDraw”

11. Certificate Course in “Introduction to Photoshop”

12. Certificate Course in “C/C++ Programming Language”

13. Certificate Course in “Visual Basic (V.B.)”

14. Certificate Course in Web Designing: HTML, Attributes, Style, Templates Editing, CSS, Static Web Designing

15. Certificate Course in Tally 9 (Accounts only) with Win. OS

16. Graphics: Computer & Windows Overview, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Gujarati Typing

17. Full Animation Course: Flash, Adobe Premier, 3DS Max, Adobe After effect, Picture Making & Other Effect

18. 2D Animation: Flash and Sony Sound Forge

19. 3D Animation: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, 3DS Max

20. Project Training with PHP

21. Project Training with Advance PHP

22. More than 30+ On-line courses.

The kids can sign up at the centre for various skills development courses, creativity, and knowledge pertaining to Computers. The students can attain training that is complementary to their studies. They can shape their career by pursuing professional courses at IQE.

Males and females can enroll in a Course for skills development, professional training, employment-oriented training and career-oriented training. The social birds can develop their social network and communication links. Business aspirants can use these skills for the networking of business, creative training, social media activity, marketing, multimedia graphics creation and business communication.

The aged ones also get an opportunity to breathe life into their retired and dormant time. They can register for a suitable course for doing something creative and new, for developing their social network, and communication. Some retired individuals, who are working from home, can also choose to carry out social media activity or online marketing and create a social forum for fetching several benefits. They can communicate well with their modern day grand children or stay in live touch with their children abroad.