Performing Arts

Performing Arts is the most beautiful means of articulation. It is a mode of personal expression that leads to inspiration for others. Over and above, the one who is performing an art form blooms with grace and achieves self-confidence. Taking this into consideration, Institute of Quality Education (IQE) has organized an Academy of Performing Arts. It encompasses training in variety of dance forms, classical vocal music and playing various musical instruments. The individuals are trained in one or all of these areas. At IQE, the training is imparted by the connoisseurs of respective art forms.

Classical Dance:

Among the classical dance forms, Kathak is a distinguished one and beautiful too. IQE runs Kathak classes in which the students can learn the dance form right from the beginning up to Visharad. The mode of training is classical.

Western Dance:

Among the western dance forms, free style, Basic steps, free style bolywood, contemporary etc. are covered. IQE runs classes in which the students can learn the dance form right from the beginning.


Vocal music has its own crown place in the Performing Arts. Vocal music training is imparted at IQE that includes all the whereabouts of singing right from the beginning to Visharad. The mode of training is classical.

Musical Instrument:

There are individuals who have a nerve for music, but they do not prefer vocal music. They are inclined towards learning a music instrument. To cater them, IQE runs classes that teach playing harmonium. One can pursue the course with precise knowledge of music notes and accomplish till Visharad.

Students can enrol themselves for pursuing a career in music. They can develop their skills of singing and playing instruments.

Adults who have fondness of music can achieve expertise in the art and express their musical drive.

The academy is like a retreat for the children to aged people who are willing to bring off their unchased interests and inclinations. Some of them may opt music to blow life into their retired lives. Likewise, for some, it is a way of upholding cultural heritage and sustaining the art from generation to generation.