About Activities

Since last few decades, it has been observed by many countries that outcome of number of educational institutions isn’t satisfactory by many standards. Expectations by society from an educated person kept on increasing, while the performance of educational institutions kept declining. A thorough study by more than 30 countries, including United Nation’s agencies, indicated most important parameters that play very important role in deciding the quality of education in any school. These parameters include:

1. Achievements in the areas of mathematics, reading, science, information and communication, foreign languages, learning to learn and civics.

2. Pupil’s ability to complete their studies and pursue higher studies

3. Evaluation and steering of school education by participation of students, teachers, administrators, parents and other educationist from society.

4. Infrastructure and resources available per student.

Institute of Quality Education has identified parameters affecting the quality of education and made out a detailed list of topics that will be covered by expert faculties covering students, teachers, administrators and parents. These programs will range from two hour courses to one day seminars to full time courses for long duration. IQE will have many special courses especially to be run during weekends and vacation period. It also will have part time short duration courses.

Additionally, IQE intends to broadcast/webcast Live Programs to expand its reach quickly and economically to even participant who cannot remain physically present for the program and remote villages where rural schools are now equipped with computers. This would also enable IQE to add more schools and student/individuals without much additional cost in future. This would give an international reach through internet for the needy participants.

IQE plans to have its own educational video Library. It is well known that many useful educational videos are now available either free or at nominal cost on internet. However, it is painful and time consuming to search for the right and relevant videos useful for our educational need and curriculum. But, once found, these can be stored on IQE computers and be made available as video-on-demand along with our other videos. Also, there are plenty of not so good videos where people waste their time. IQE will search and/or produce relevant videos that have good quality educational value.

IQE intends to have e-books available on-demand from its library to spread education faster and cheaper.

IQE also has plans to record, subject wise, lessons conducted by expert and best teachers identified for standards 1 to 12 and make them easily available for students and teachers, especially rural, who can learn from best teachers in the field which otherwise may not be even possible. Many students and teachers from urban schools also cannot afford the resources available in best of the schools. IQE intends to provide an economical alternative for such students and teachers.

IQE plans to make useful videos and information available for parents to guide them in developing better relations with their children along with improving their own understanding of family and home management.

In a rapidly changing world where people are fast coming closer to each other, and yet competing, we will provide a place for teachers, parents, administrators, students and all interested individuals who have concern for education, to interact and have access to latest information and discuss, debate and integrate ideas.

There will be programs and skill imparting activities on continuing basis for benefit of all concerned with education and upliftment of mankind. There will be motivation to innovate and implement successfully and will help deserving NGOs and individuals financially, directly or indirectly by providing funds or information regarding sources and availability of such funds for educational programmes.