Language Laboratory

Smt. Kokilaben and Shri Bansilal Mohanlal Shah Skills Development Centre-cum-Digital Language Laboratory

Today’s world has become small and the modern computers and communication technology has brought international community much closer. It has become very necessary to keep in touch with the rest of the world to be and remain up to date in one’s chosen field. Knowing foreign languages brings in greater edge in today’s competitive world for succeeding in chosen career and life.

Who is not aware of the technological bliss we have all around at present? Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. It has taken us to the moon and the stars in a jiffy! Technology co-exists with us in every walk of life, then why not in learning languages! When we talk about learning a language, the first word that pops up in our mind is "English". Institute of Quality Education (IQE) understands the need of the hour and counts English as a very significant language in present times. With the same motive, IQE runs a skills development centre cum digital language laboratory.

We are proud to have the very prominent ‘Station-e’ language lab as an execution partner with us. Station-e is a language laboratory that prepares individuals for fluency in Spoken English. Various general and customized training programs are undertaken here to create a class of individuals having proficiency in English and comprehend the global accent. A variety of courses are catered here based on communication skills. The fusion of IQE and Station-e has brought to the fore an array of courses that can be opted based upon personalized needs.

Pupils can choose a course best suited for them in Spoken English. The courses are enlisted below.

Courses offered in Spoken English:

1. Kids' course

2. Pre-basic

3. Basic

4. Advanced level

The utility and role of English language in today's era are undisputed. Any individual, irrespective of age or gender, can learn English at IQE. The institute runs a well-equipped digital language library and skills development centre. It consists of latest technology and communication devices, literature for learning language through structural pattern and expert faculties. Students, adult males and females, and aged ones can be a part of learning.

Students can learn English language in a very structured pattern at IQE and develop their skills of speaking the same. Language need no more be a barrier in any aspect of their lives.

Moreover, it is useful to the grown-ups in speaking the language correctly with proper accent and articulation. The other advantages include language skill development, personality development, and effective communication skills development. It prepares individuals for the formation of their career through employment- oriented and profession- oriented approaches.

Learning English language is certainly not a "kid" thing. Yes, it is meant for our grandpas and grandmas too! They can also learn the language at IQE to remain connected with the current technological know-hows. An effective skill development course in English adds light to their retired lives.