IQE Reading Room Facility

IQE Reading Room Facility

Sister Nivedita Foundation always believes in giving something which helps students in their learning process. To help students read peacefully and learn and understand well what they study, a - Reading Room has been started at the Institute of Quality Education, which starts at 8 am and operates till late at night. This facility is available all 365 days a year, even on holidays!

With the help of Shri Ram Reading Room, Sister Nivedita Foundation’s Institute of Quality Education (IQE) has started this Reading Room facility at their premises. This Reading Room will allow their member students to use this reader friendly space any time during the day till late night. The Institute of Quality Education is having state of the art infrastructure and now with this additional facility, student fraternity receives ample benefit of flexible reading hours.

Separate sitting arrangements have been made for girls and boys members to sit and read in quiet, peaceful and protected space. The premise is having 24 hour security guard and it is located in the heart of Rajkot city.

This facility has been developed, keeping in view; students who do not have proper facilities at their home for studying and reading and they have to go in public libraries or some public place to study. Generally, those students who work during daytime need few flexible hours for study and they prefer late evening hours when most libraries get closed and they get free from their work and daily routine tasks.

But now this reading room is helpful to all those who want to spend ample hours in studying and reading, even during late evening hours.