Digital Library


They say, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Institute of Quality Education (IQE) evidently supports this maxim with its library loaded with ample reading stuff. It is enriched with a number of books, periodicals, magazines, novels of various genres and you name it!

The library at IQE caters a reading-friendly environment to its book bugs. The decorum of the library incorporates comfortable sitting and adequate lighting full of peace for the students who can continue reading in a serene environment.

IQE also intends to provide this reading stuff on finger tips. Owing to this, along with a physical library, IQE also provides a virtual library to the students in the form of E-Library. Here, computers are loaded with thousands of e-books, videos and other reading literature based on assorted topics. Students can access these materials through wifi connected to such computers. This way they can avail the benefits of exploring e-books as well as numerous educational videos and add to their knowledge.