Online discussion forums and chat boxes are now found in many places. These powerful communication tools offer many strong benefits. Looking at its potential and need, Institute of Quality Education (IQE) is providing platform (forum) initially to all the teachers of Government Schools and Ashramshalas of rural Gujarat connected through Sister Nivedita School on Wheels (SOW) program. In this forum all the teachers of 70 Primary Schools and 18 Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools covered by SOW are given the chance to connect and communicate with their other teachers, principals and few selected students. They would also have the opportunity to participate with expert faculty, periodically to discuss few difficult questions if any.


There are many potential benefits of regular online forum participation for these teachers, which includes intellectual exchange, learning new ideas and refining old ones, enjoying group of people from same profession, contributing to others, making new friends and contacts, keeping up with current events and learning about new opportunities etc.


In this forum, teachers can discuss teaching methods, difficult chapters, easy way of teaching students, their achievements etc. or they can share any informative articles, news and features, which they came across and want to share with their other colleagues.


To use this platform, teachers have to register themselves with the IQE. The IQE will provide a user name and login password to the teacher and with that they can login and be able to share their views in this forum.
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